The Never Ending Night

Night by: Elie Wiesel

rating: 9/10

Everything was okay until the soldiers came. Everybody was still alive and healthy, Eliezer, the main character, was still faithful to his God, and everything was peaceful. Everything was okay until he came face to face with Aucherwitz, the incinerator, the hangings, the labor, and deaths. Learn what it was like to experience the holocaust at it’s height near World War II like never before in night, where everything is so detailed that you can’t help, but to see the horrors that the author had to endure. A book that is so detailed, horrific, and amazing that it can’t be summarized by words.


Game Review Classics: Pong


– the simplicity of this game makes it a very addictive game.

– the difficulty of this game makes it very interesting and makes you want to win. Especially because its a computer and losing to an old computer is usually bad.


– no background music makes it a bit boring at times.

– because it is the FIRST game that was ever made, it doesn’t have anything flashy to it. So for those who are more into games with flashy effects with explosions and what not, this game can be boring at times.


*the game itself is rated 15+ so please take notice of that before playing*

The game itself is superb filled with 4 classes with endless number of guns.


– The rpg element of this game with quests and levels along with skill points gives this game much more of a rewarding feeling after killing mob after mobs of bandits, scythids, spiderants, rakks, etc.

– The sheer amount of guns and collecting them is another great aspect of this game. There are so many guns that you can find in chests or from killing monsters. The guns variety comes from the types of guns, to it’s accuracy, producing company, elemental effects, and the amount of zoom. This allows endless combinations, which also makes it hard to find the one you want. But once you do, its a rewarding feeling to go on a rampage with it. XD

– The multiplayer content makes it impressive as well. You can either play with you friends to complete the game, or you can just duel it out whenever you have a disagreement about what to do or have an argument about who is better.


– not too much differences between the classes is a down part of this game. There are slight differences coming from the action skill and the passive skills that you gain, but the advantages gained from them are so slight that they allow hardly any differences.

– Since you fight on a different planet, Pandora, we could’ve had a much more variety of monster, but it is not so. The game mainly consists of monsters being repeated except with higher levels.

Informative Presentation: Benefits of Gaming

There’s Only One Rule Here That You Need to Know

Catch-22 by: Joseph Heller


There is one rule here in the military: You can only leave if you are crazy. However, if you think you are crazy, you are completely sane. Caught in this crazy rule is Captain Yossarian, a pilot in World War II, who wants to leave. It’s reasonable that he wants to leave since he hates that the people he doesn’t know are pointing their guns at him and shooting at him whenever he drops a bomb. So, he goes out on missions to fill the requirements to leave, which rises every time somebody reaches the quota. It’s impossible to leave! Follow along as Captain Yossarian experiences the World War II and tries to escape from it. You even get a bonus of learning about a lot of crazy people like the friendly Texan, who everyone hated. Or even the man covered in bandages, who stayed in the ward as long as people could remember.

Good Luck on trying not to laugh.

Shakespeare, a teacher that hates you, and tights with feathers at…yeah…

The Wednesday Wars by: Gary D. Shmidt

rating: 9.5/10

“Mrs. Baker hates my guts”. Or at least thats what Holling Hoodhood thought when Mrs. Baker first looked at him after learning that he doesn’t go to any churches. Everybody in town goes to either one of the two churches in town. He however, did not so he was called by Mrs. Baker to stay after school as an almost immediate reaction. However, what he did as a result became something he never expected: reading shakespeare. No physical torture, extra work, detention, or anything really evil  other than reading shakespeare, one of the most boring books written. Or so he thought, but he will change. But by reading shakespeare, his life takes a sudden change that involves: a family business, cream puffs (poisonous and normal), rats, fancy curses, Ariel’s costume (with a feathers at…yeah…), flower children, and countless factors that makes this book a comical story that is so down to earth that you could easily believe that it could even happen to you.

You might actually believe that this might happen to you for the next few weeks if you aren’t careful.

too bad this book ended 😦

The “perfect” World

The Giver by: Louis Lawry

rating: 10/10

Jonas lives in a community that would be considered a Utopia. Everything is under control. There is no weather, color, free thought, marriages, families and their members, and just about anything else that can be “controlled”. He is pretty excited and nervous about the Ceremony of Twelve, where once you turn twelve, the community gives you a job to do in order to benefit the community. Everybody gets a job unless something is terribly wrong. Which is close to what happened. At the ceremony, everybody’s names are called in alphabetical order, he tenses up, waiting for his job to be called. He waits and waits only to realize, that they had skipped his name. Terrified and embarrassed, he wishes that he tries to be as small as possible as everyone’s eyes fall on the only person who didn’t get a job: him. After everyone’s name are called, they come back to tell Jonas’s job, a job that is definitely abnormal. He was to be the “receiver of memories”, a job that nobody knows about. Nobody is to see how he trains with and old man, who is known as the Giver. Just what is “the receiver of memories” and who is the Giver? Why did the previous “receiver of memories” fail? Just what did he do? What will himself do?

A book that is Worthy of it’s prize and it’s fame.